Is Money Everything?


Pushing your limit high, studying hard, doing well, but then following the rat race is a common problem nowadays. Luckily my fainted results did not give me a chance to do so and I have given a thought, to this never ending dogma!

And this never ending dogma is nothing but JOB, probably a high profile job with fat payments is what today’s youth or students wants. I am not an exception, I am also a part of it, but somehow my thoughts did not match with them.

If I push back my memory to kota day’s, I remembered how everyone there is talking about the famous and yet illogical statement in Hindi

“Naukri aur chokri” (A job and a girl)

And then your life is all set and now you can enjoy your life. Everyone prepare for Competitive exams there, and I have seen a common trend in them (leave the fact they are highly talented) and the trend is choosing colleges by its packages they offered. 12 lakhs per annum, 24 lakhs per annum, 36 lakhs per annum or be it the 1.2 crore per annum which usually have its back story as well.

So here the questions arises, Is money everything? Or is it so powerful? Will money be the sole factor of our happiness after 10 years?

Warren buffet

Happiness is our state of mind and it has nothing to do with money or another factors, it comes when our mind is in that state. So shouldn’t we people here live a soul satisfying lives by not chasing money and those sensory pleasures?  I don’t know about others but I can firmly say living in this way, some may be satisfied, but somewhere down the line they feel that this is not what they are born for and they are doing something wrong.

Rather than toiling hard in this way, we should think that we are an asset to our motherland, we are here to show our creativity and talent and are here for a purpose, a purpose which will take us to the topmost of our career. Then why to chase these jobs and these big companies, we can start our own firm and hire people too!

The Basic motto is, we should contribute something to this society, to its people, for the betterment of whole. At least some people will know that this person has done this and we are highly proud of him/her. And I highly doubt that 9-5 jobs can produce such wonders.

Just think, are we here to eat, sleep and live an ordinary life? Give it a thought!

Ending with this Beautiful and yet powerful quote. And yes

Stay Hungry and Stay foolish






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