Have I committed a mistake?

Have I committed a mistake?

Falling in love with you was my colossal mistake

Without being known that you already have a soul-mate.

Crush is what this hidebound society delineates

Such case and I am still upon my fate!

Endless days and nights have passed away

And I still consider you as my adorable mate

But my solicitous mind recounts me,

“It’s all just a congested waste”.

My charming heart is there only for you

Looking for a notable reason to celebrate

Still being known of that the fantasy would

Never come on my ill fated way.

I always made you my queen in the chess

And don’t arise a possibility for checkmate

However at the end all my worthy tries are neglected

That’s when remembering your smile makes me feel intoxicated

At times I think of having a date!

Which seems hopeless as you already posses a soul-mate?

Unbiasedly it makes me feel indelicate

And questions the lord “is this love is?”

The creator just exhorts me to wait

In the end this is all what I have to dedicate

But still I always again and again question myself

“Have I committed a mistake?”500_days_summer4-compressed


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