Is Money Everything?


Pushing your limit high, studying hard, doing well, but then following the rat race is a common problem nowadays. Luckily my fainted results did not give me a chance to do so and I have given a thought, to this never ending dogma!

And this never ending dogma is nothing but JOB, probably a high profile job with fat payments is what today’s youth or students wants. I am not an exception, I am also a part of it, but somehow my thoughts did not match with them.

If I push back my memory to kota day’s, I remembered how everyone there is talking about the famous and yet illogical statement in Hindi

“Naukri aur chokri” (A job and a girl)

And then your life is all set and now you can enjoy your life. Everyone prepare for Competitive exams there, and I have seen a common trend in them (leave the fact they are highly talented) and the trend is choosing colleges by its packages they offered. 12 lakhs per annum, 24 lakhs per annum, 36 lakhs per annum or be it the 1.2 crore per annum which usually have its back story as well.

So here the questions arises, Is money everything? Or is it so powerful? Will money be the sole factor of our happiness after 10 years?

Warren buffet

Happiness is our state of mind and it has nothing to do with money or another factors, it comes when our mind is in that state. So shouldn’t we people here live a soul satisfying lives by not chasing money and those sensory pleasures?  I don’t know about others but I can firmly say living in this way, some may be satisfied, but somewhere down the line they feel that this is not what they are born for and they are doing something wrong.

Rather than toiling hard in this way, we should think that we are an asset to our motherland, we are here to show our creativity and talent and are here for a purpose, a purpose which will take us to the topmost of our career. Then why to chase these jobs and these big companies, we can start our own firm and hire people too!

The Basic motto is, we should contribute something to this society, to its people, for the betterment of whole. At least some people will know that this person has done this and we are highly proud of him/her. And I highly doubt that 9-5 jobs can produce such wonders.

Just think, are we here to eat, sleep and live an ordinary life? Give it a thought!

Ending with this Beautiful and yet powerful quote. And yes

Stay Hungry and Stay foolish






Dark side of Kota




The city of Kota located in the Eastern part of Rajasthan is famously known as the “Mecca” of IIT coaching. The city is so famous for its coaching that even Chetan Bhagat has mentioned it in his book “Revolution 2020”. Every year nearly 1 lakh! Yes.  You read it correctly. Nearly 1 lakh students rush to Kota for JEE and medical preparations.  You can see the intense competition on the face of the aspirants. They have one thing in common: A burning desire to crack JEE and bring a smile on their parents’ face.

But in the backside, there lies a truth. A truth which everyone should know and having lived there, I think I can share a few things with you.

With an exponential rise in the number of coaching institutes and students, Kota has become a city full of students. Coaching classes are earning huge amount of money given the fact that one student spends nearly a lakh per year.

The coaching institutes are just toying with the future of the students. They have transformed education into a profitable business. They are spreading just like mushroom in the ground. The fact is that one class contains around 150-200 students which can be labeled as a ‘crowd’ rather than a ‘class’. But the deeper secret is that there exists a top batch of 15-20 students who are provided with the best faculties or rather the HODs of the particular subject. But, that is not the case with the regular batches. My question is that why shouldn’t everyone get the best faculties? After all, everyone has paid the same amount to get into the institute.

Now, moving towards the problems faced by the students in the classroom. Many of them don’t get their doubts cleared properly but it’s not really their fault. After all you can’t expect doubts to be cleared with a crowd of 200 around you. A desire of seeking personal guidance from the faculty can’t materialize into reality under such circumstances. The entire system of teaching and learning is such in this place that many a time, students don’t understand the concepts clearly and move ahead because they are under tremendous pressure to cope up with the sprinting syllabus. This leaves them confused and increases their backlogs.


These institutes are very cunning. They give the best possible facilities to those top students who go on and produce the best results. The average students are left at their own mercy and no one gives a damn about their future.

Now you must be wondering that Kota has one of the highest success rates as compared to some other parts of India when it comes to JEE and Medical exams. Yes this is true but those are the top notch students, most of who are either locals of Kota or have their home in some nearby places. Hence, they have another advantage in their kitty and that’s “family support”.   Yes, that becomes very crucial during this period. The success rates are high in Kota but so are the suicide rates as well. That happens primarily because of tons of backlogs, intense pressure and cut-throat competition. Without family who provide the much needed mental and emotional support, it’s very tough to withstand such pressure. In this way students suffer a lot there.


Every coin has two faces and it would be unfair if I portray Kota as difficult place to survive in. Studying in Kota has its own advantages and the relatively higher success rates prove it. At the end of the day it’s all about your hard work, mental toughness and desire to succeed. So before you take a final decision, I would advise you to give it a serious consideration.

Have I committed a mistake?

Falling in love with you was my colossal mistake

Without being known that you already have a soul-mate.

Crush is what this hidebound society delineates

Such case and I am still upon my fate!

Endless days and nights have passed away

And I still consider you as my adorable mate

But my solicitous mind recounts me,

“It’s all just a congested waste”.

My charming heart is there only for you

Looking for a notable reason to celebrate

Still being known of that the fantasy would

Never come on my ill fated way.

I always made you my queen in the chess

And don’t arise a possibility for checkmate

However at the end all my worthy tries are neglected

That’s when remembering your smile makes me feel intoxicated

At times I think of having a date!

Which seems hopeless as you already posses a soul-mate?

Unbiasedly it makes me feel indelicate

And questions the lord “is this love is?”

The creator just exhorts me to wait

In the end this is all what I have to dedicate

But still I always again and again question myself

“Have I committed a mistake?”500_days_summer4-compressed