How food affects our Mind?

I have just realised the importance of food that we are daily intaking unconsciously! Let me tell you from my own experiences so that you can relate it in a better way. It’s been 9–10 days from now, i begin my journey with only fruits,i didn’t even know that a term like Fruitarian exists untill […]

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The Barbaric Demon

Inside you there is this demon, you didn’t get it right? I even didn’t know about it untill i came across it recently. Knowing him will be difficult, because it’s unknown, but it leaves in you, everytime and 24 hours of the day! It causes the major problems in your life,depression, frustations, decision making being […]

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Dark side of Kota

    The city of Kota located in the Eastern part of Rajasthan is famously known as the “Mecca” of IIT coaching. The city is so famous for its coaching that even Chetan Bhagat has mentioned it in his book “Revolution 2020”. Every year nearly 1 lakh! Yes.  You read it correctly. Nearly 1 lakh […]

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Have I committed a mistake?

Have I committed a mistake? Falling in love with you was my colossal mistake Without being known that you already have a soul-mate. Crush is what this hidebound society delineates Such case and I am still upon my fate! Endless days and nights have passed away And I still consider you as my adorable mate […]

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